Chat Metrics
Chat Metrics
Stop Marketing Leads Slipping Through the Cracks! 24/7 Fully Staffed Live Chat Pay for performance model High-value sales conversations for technology companies
Based in Australia, speaks in
Leaving pipeline on the table? Time for 24/7 Fully Staffed Live Chat - Specializing in high-value sales conversations for technology companies. Managing an in-house sales team or responsible for demand generation through your website? We help B2B SaaS companies book over 68% more demos from their existing website traffic, without spending one more dime on Advertising. We engage in meaningful high-value sales conversations that lead to great customer satisfaction and over 68% more fully sales-qualified booked demos and meetings. Improve your sales team efficiency by 33% with Chat Metrics as your online sales team. We do all the heavy lifting through set-up and onboarding to ensure an easy and quick kick-off for you. As quick as same-day start-up can be delivered if required. 28 second first chat response time and sales-qualified leads booked directly into demo and appointment calendars for your sales team 24/7. Don't let another prospect slip through into your bounce rate. Try our highly regarded service today.

Reach out to Chat Metrics! We've got all you need to grow your business - knowledge and resources. Contact us to know more.

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Lisa (9 months ago)

Chat Metrics provides an excellent level of customer service while generating leads from our website that we just were not getting before. We didn't really think it would make a difference - well were we wrong!

John (9 months ago)

We get so many leads every month I just leave it to the Chat Metrics Team - they do it all for me.

Marilyn (9 months ago)

Excellent customer service for us and our clients. Highly recommend.

Mathew (9 months ago)

We were struggling to get more than a couple of conversions each month. Since Chat Metrics, we are getting multiple appointments booked into our appointment book every day. And best of all, we only pay for what we get!

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