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Boost the number of leads and sales you generate from your existing website traffic with CrowdChat

If you're reading this chances are you're at the start of your conversational marketing journey or currently running live chat on your site but feel it could be performing better when it comes to generating leads.

Your website is the equivalent of a brick and mortar shop front for your business. The experience you deliver to those visiting your website will determine whether they transact with you or look else where.

You wouldn't leave a physical shop unattended for customers to navigate themselves nor would you leave underperforming assistants to continue operating as they are so why should it be any different for your website?

At CrowdChat we help turn your website traffic into customers through perfectly timed conversations that generate sales and leads.

The right message at the right time can be the difference between someone choosing your business or going back to google and finding your competitors.

How we can help?

  • 24/7 managed Live Chat coverage - engage your customers on their terms and let them contact you whenever they choose
  • Omni-channel messaging - whether its facebook messenger or SMS we help you be available on the platforms your customers use everyday
  • Bots as well as live chat - Scale the number of customers you can serve with well designed conversational bots
  • Multilingual agents to help take your business international
  • Strategic conversation targeting and mapping - no two customers are the same. Target customers at different journey points with the right message and help them cross the finish line
  • ROI focused - Our success is aligned with yours and we guarantee to make you more money than you spend with us
  • Monthly Personalized Reporting - transparent collaboration so you're always in the know with how we're performing

Ready to generate more from the traffic you've worked so hard to generate for your website?

P.s. Don't just take our word for it - check out what our customers think


Denis Darche wrote 5 months ago:

We've more than doubled lead volumes since working with CrowdChat meaning more business than ever before

Stéphane wrote 5 months ago:

I've learnt more about our website visitors from reviewing chats by CrowdChat than I could have any other way. Our customers love the service too!

JP Paquin wrote 5 months ago:

Don't know what we'd do without CrowdChat and the service they provide us. We wanted to offer chat on our website but didn't have the resource to hire out a team internally. They offered to do it at a fraction of the cost and took the time to understand our business and customers.

W.Brown wrote 5 months ago:

"How do we get more leads without spending an arm and a leg to get more traffic to our site" is pretty much the internal conversations we were having before discovering CrowdChat. They've boosted our conversion rates, filled our pipeline with qualified leads and best of all it pays for itself at this point. Thanks for making me look good guys

Nancy Turner wrote 5 months ago:

CrowdChat is an incredible tool that saves our team a lot of time and additional energy. our customers love it because they 24/7 human support and we can review the chats identify friction points on our website allowing us to further improve the customer experience. The team are a great help and the high ROIs mean we'll be a customer for the foreseeable future
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