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Be the best around! – part 2

Is the beat of “You’re the best around” still in your head? It is surely in ours! The struggle never ends, the training has to go on! There’s no rest for any champion, especially in customer service industry. This month we present yet another batch of useful support techniques directly from LiveChat Inc.’s dojo. Subscribe to attend another class of support-fu and make mister Miyagi proud! Ogenki-de!

– Martyna, Support Hero

Other Journeys

Be the best around!

Remember that Karate Kid song “You’re the best around” by Joe Esposito? Don’t let mr Miyagi down, check out this month’s Knowledge Journey and earn the title of LiveChat sensei!

– Grzegorz, Support Team Leader

All aboard the onboarding train!

Welcome aboard the train from Rookieville to Pro Town! In this month’s journey you will learn how to provide your newest team members with knowledge needed in handling chats like a pro.

– Grzegorz, Support Team Leader

The search of success in customer success

Building a Customer Success Management team is not easy – it is also not so hard as it seems. Is it worth it? Sign up and check it out.

– Kuba, CSM Team Leader

LiveChat Advanced Customization

Integrate, connect, develop! Ewa will show you what you can squeeze out of LiveChat, but beware! It’s only for artful developers!

– Ewa, Technical Writer

Unforgettable, that’s what you are

Olga prepared a bunch of blog posts that will make your support even better! Sing along Nat King Cole and make an unforgettable experience out of your customer service & product.

– Olga, Content Specialist

Against all odds

Dealing with a difficult customer is a hard nut to crack. Check this journey to learn useful techniques for extreme situations and to get a proper mindset to provide the most excellent customer service!

– Justyna, Content Specialist

Let LiveChat boost your social media

We know that your company is awesome. Let me help you squeeze more out of your online profiles with LiveChat, so you can become a social media ninja your company deserves!

– Agnieszka, Social Media Ninja

A group makes you stronger

Superheroes teams are awesome – just think of Guardians of the Galaxy or Avengers! Join this Journey to see how to use groups feature in LiveChat!

– Jan, Support Hero

Your apps like LEGO bricks

Zapier for integrations is like LEGO for architecture – it allows you to create great things with a little effort. Join this journey and build an integration with Zapier to feel like a real code architect!

– Andrzej, Support Hero

Greet them best – (aka How you doin’)

Hello! Bonjour! Ciao! Namaste! Merhaba! Cześć! In this Journey you will learn how to greet your customers properly and with a personal approach!

– Grzegorz, Support Team Leader

Be the hero your customers need!

“Where’s the streetwise Hercules to fight the rising odds?” – Wojciech will prove that you can find them mostly in customer service industry. Check out this journey to become a support hero like us!

– Wojciech, Support Hero

Bring people to your website

In this Knowledge Journey we will show you that driving to your website doesn’t have to be so hard.

– Ziemowit, Support Hero

How to sell like a boss with LiveChat

Always wanted to be the Wolf of Wall Street? Kamil is sharing some tips about ecommerce – join the journey to get tips about best practices.

– Kamil, Support Hero

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Knowledge Journeys?
Knowledge Journeys are email batches with knowledge about custom LiveChat usage, that one can subscribe to. Each e-mail contains a description of some feature, some interesting or very custom application, and a task at the end.
What information do Knowlege Journeys contain?
These email batches are based mostly on your questions, travelers! Our support team filtered most frequently asked questions about custom implementations of LiveChat’s features and prepared these Journeys to increase your awareness of cool and useful LiveChat implementations.
Will I be able to subscribe to previous ones?
You can scroll up a little bit and sign up for previous Journeys if you missed the train in the first place! You can also click “unsubscribe” at the bottom of each email, but hey, these are so exciting that you won’t need to do it!

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