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Easycredit sets new customer service standards using LiveChat


Getting potential customers to enjoy a banking service is no easy task. We tend to associate banks with long queues, even longer response times and general bureaucracy that makes getting a loan really tedious and time-consuming.

To meet the most basic communication needs of their customers, modern banks need to step up their customer service efforts and start delivering help more reliably. One of such modern online loan providers is Easycredit, a company that challenges the norms and wants to provide better service to its customers.

See how Easycredit does that through quick and reliable help offered through LiveChat.

“After testing different chat softwares from different companies our conclusion was that LiveChat was the best alternative out there, mostly because of the simplicity in usage and design.”
— Babel Poli, Customer Service Manager at Easycredit

New wave of good customer service in the online loans sector

Easycredit is a Swedish online loans provider that goes out of its way to deliver the best possible customer service to its customer. Since its founding in 2006, the company secured a leading position on the market, with over 90,000 serviced customers.

One of the main reasons for Easycredit’s success is their approach to customer service. The company cares for its customers and wants to make their experience when taking a loan as easy as possible.

This approach was adopted relatively quickly, as Babel Poli, Customer Service Manager at Easycredit, reports: “Easycredit is one of the early adopters of the modern financial world who wants to challenge the traditional banking system to be able to provide better, faster and more attractive financial services to consumers.”

According to Poli, one of the main, everyday goals of the company has is to provide “everyday financial services to simplify the lives of our most precious asset, our costumers.”

Speeding up the customer service process

When exploring potential opportunities to make their support better, Easycredit noticed that companies on other markets were picking live chat as their main customer service tool. After a bit of testing, Easycredit decided to implement LiveChat because it was “the best alternative out there, mostly because of the simplicity in usage and design,” Poli said.

The introduction of LiveChat on the Easycredit website allowed the company to provide much faster and informative support for its customers, who didn’t look too kindly to long response times.

Even a few minutes of waiting on the phone could lead to bad experience, Poli said: “In our customer surveys we found out that customers were annoyed when they were waiting on the phone even when our statistics showed that a customer does not have to wait more than a few minutes.”

To ensure that customers don’t have to wait for an answer Easycredit offered LiveChat to its customers as an “alternative to the phone and a faster way to get an answer,” Poli said. With one agent handling chats from two of their sites, seven days a week, customers can always get the information they need.

Easycredit's customer service team

Using LiveChat, the service is not only faster, as one agent can successfully chat with several customers at time, but also more informative. Agents can send links to various pages and resources customers can immediately use without having to write anything down like in the case of a phone conversation.

The easy access to help and information makes the customer experience much more enjoyable: “We give the customer a fast answer and then give them the opportunity to read more and to point them to the very exact page they want to be on,” Poli said. “Our customer does not have to spend as much time searching for information on our page anymore and that is what we call good customer service,” he added.

Finally, Poli commended LiveChat’s ability to record chats as the team can use it for their quality assurance. Twice a month, the team goes over the statistics with the marketing department going back and reading “many of the chat transcriptions to make sure that they don’t miss any ideas from customers and to get to know the customers better,” Poli said.

The impact of LiveChat on Easycredit’s customer service is evident – the overall customer satisfaction rose from 81 to 93 percent after the implementation of LiveChat.

Positive outlook at customer service in the banking sector

Thanks to the companies like Easycredit, we have something worth looking forward too when taking a loan. Let’s hope that this model picks up and more financial institutions will treat their customers with greater care and attention.

It definitely works, as Easycredit’s customers “appreciate the service and most of the customers that get fast answers and help don´t hesitate to thank us a little bit extra,” Poli stated. He also mentioned that LiveChat has contributed to the conversion rates, making their investment in customer service worth it.

Easycredit plans to expand their LiveChat use by getting more agents on board and exploring additional LiveChat features.

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