Your customers can now create HelpDesk tickets via ChatBot!

We would like to let you know that you can now connect HelpDesk to ChatBot!
Automate what can be automated is one of the main thoughts that accompanied the process of creating HelpDesk. To take this motive to its extent, we integrated it with ChatBot, our tool for automating the customer experience, from marketing through sales to support.
Now, when your clients can’t get what they need from ChatBot on your website or another communication channel, they can easily leave a ticket in HelpDesk, from which a real agent can take the case further.

You can read more about it in here:

If you have any questions, let me know below :ok_hand:

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This is one of my fav features! Our ChatBot takes messages via HelpDesk tickets overnight for us and when agents return in the morning, they can quickly & efficiently answer visitor inquiries, so we never miss a sales or support opportunity! :smiley: