Win Apple AirPods 2 and LiveChat swags in our Community Monthly Game! 🏆

Hello LiveChat Community! :wave:

How about ending this surprisingly weird year by winning a competition and cool things as a prize?
We’re starting a second edition of Community Monthly Game! :trophy:

Rules are simple:

  1. The competition starts on 25th of November 2020, and ends on 23rd of December– we’ll announce the winner on Christmas Eve, on 24th! :christmas_tree:

  2. To take part in the game, you need to write valuable posts.

  3. To win, you have to gather likes :heart: under your posts, gaining approval of your content.

  4. A person who collects the biggest number of likes under all of their posts during the game will get Apple AirPods 2 and the unique set of LiveChat Swags.

  5. Apart from respect and recognition, the winner will gain a special badge on his profile. :1st_place_medal:

  6. To take part in the game, you need to have an active LiveChat account created at least two weeks before the beginning of a game (created before the 9th of November)

  7. The person who has already got a prize can take part in the game, however, they won’t be given the main prize again.

The more helpful and interesting your posts are, the bigger chances you get to win!

Good luck! :raised_hands:


Merry Christmas to everyone! :christmas_tree:

I’m happy to announce that @melissa.hannam have won our second edition of Community Game!

Great to have you here, Melissa! We’ll reach you via DM :raised_hands:

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Thank you so much! :tada: :tada:

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