What's the funniest comment you've had a visitor leave after a good rating?

What are some funny comments visitors have written after rating the chat good?
One of my favourites was a visitor who was chatting with our agent Sam, he left the following comment:
“Sam I am, Green Eggs and Ham! Weeeeeooooooo! Sam is A++++ in customer service!”


Lately Beatrice (who is a Support Hero in a company using LiveChat) shared her chat rating on Twitter. It was something like:

"Beatrice is such a good Support Hero and she helped us so much that I’ll name my first baby Beatrice whether it’s a girl or a boy"


EDIT: @beatrice.lajous I shared your story here :wink:


Apologies if this offends or is against standards… delete if necessary :smiley:

One of my agents just got a pretty funny comment on a chat last night. The visitor rated the chat good and left feedback saying the agent was a fu©k!ng legend!!


“At least he tried his best”.


At least the client was honest :smiley:


Ok so that’s a bit long but:

Absolutely fantastic service from an agent called Emanuele, she bent over backwards to get me the products I needed and fast. I was able to save money through her advice and the lamps were fitted in our kitchen within 3 days of ordering!!! The product shipped so fast I have no idea how they got from Italy to the UK that fast. The products look stunning and will add a lot of value to our renovation project. I’ll be back!

Very cool, very nice but one problem:I’m a guy, (as far as I know) and she was keep on thinking that she was chatting with a girl. :thinking:


After assisting on a technical issue:
“George much better. He fix my family: my brother, father, sister, son. All fixed thanks to the touching of George. Tank you mr G.”

Where 10 minutes later he had the same issue because obviously he was doing something wrong:
“Forget it. George is not a good one either. He did not help but repeat the same information. So far no one help my family: my goat, sister, brother. father and daughter”



whoo whoo, it works - will you marry me?