What was your oustanding move? ♟️ Share it with us!

Hello LiveChat Community!

Sometimes we do one simple thing and it creates an outcome that overshadows the whole month of work.

Recently, we’ve had a similar story at LiveChat.
As you may know, we run Success by LiveChat. It’s a place where we share trends, knowledge, and experience on topics varying from business communication to sales. We write articles, publish comprehensive guides, share news.
We’ve also started our own YouTube channel, where share videos explaining business communication and give a sneak peek into behind the scenes of LiveChat. Starting a new YouTube channel is not an easy thing nowadays, but we like challenge and we’re always looking for new growth opportunities.

In November, Piotr, our Head of Content introduced a couple of little improvements that made the channel’s watch time grow more than 10x! :chart_with_upwards_trend:
He went through the top Success articles by traffic and added a matching video wherever we had one available. The key metrics of our channel went sky high! :raised_hands: See by yourself on the chart:

You see, it was a relatively simple thing, but created a serious outcome. And almost every business has this kind of story, whether it’s in marketing, sales, design, customer service or any other part of their operations. One thing simple enough yet after the discovery we are stunned that we haven’t thought of it before.

So what was your one simple, but highly impactful idea? Share it with us in this thread!