What upgrade is needed to get phone numbers?

We are currently using a version of live chat right now and we also use engage and our salesman wants to get rid of engage in use live chat exclusively.

I’m not sure what plan we are on maybe it’s the basic plan?

What upgraded version of live chat do we need to get phone numbers of people that chat? Our salesman says that chats are tough to follow up with without this feature.

San Diego, CA

Hi! You can ask your customers to leave their phone number in a pre-chat survey - before they start a chat they fill up a short formula. You have to upgrade your account to the Team plan to edit the questions.

Here’s a short guide on how to add this question:

  1. Turn on a pre-chat survey: go to Settings -> Chat Surveys & Forms -> Pre- chat survey. Then, turn on the switch at the top of the section and confirm by hitting Save changes.

  1. Add a new field and ask your customers about their phone number: Click on “Add element” and choose a field type you want to add and click “Save”.


Ta-da! It’s ready. Here you’ll find more information about pre-chat surveys: https://www.livechat.com/kb/chat-surveys/