What’s your essential knowledge starter pack for support?

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When you introduce new people to the support, what is the essential knowledge pack for them to adopt? Do you have any resources that you usually use in your company?

Maybe you have favorite courses or books about customer support that you could share with us? We’d be happy to hear from you!

Also, quick question, how much knowledge about your industry your freshman needs to have at the beginning?

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In the LiveChat support team, the first months of onboarding are crucial; we have a huge amount of knowledge to pass to the new joiner. Our basic tools are very simple:

*checklist for agent who is in charge of onboarding, created in google sheets, to make sure agent covers all necessary information
*tasklist for new joiner, with tasks to do and articles from our HelpCenter to read on their own, created in google sheets as well. Each article has some most common questions they should be able to answer after reading the article; it allows them to create their own knowledge base full of basic information. Tasks include creating our products accounts and setting up specific scenarios, easy use cases of our API and observing other agent’s cases.
*Onboarding handbook - onboarding process described and divided for specific days, so any agent can take care of new joiner if it’s needed
*Confluence with multiple articles about procedures and less common use cases, which can be easily found after onboarding as well
*Slack with dedicated channel to stay in touch with the rest of the team; teamwork is the key and each new joiner knows they can count on teammates when they approach something more difficult or new.

Aside of that we are using e-learning software SalesHood which lets us record some basic trainings, provide additional content and check if it was successful with simple tests. We are also creating reccuring trainings for all agents to make sure all of them have required knowledge level on each step of their work