What are your 3 best tactics to get backlinks for a B2B website?

Hey, what are your 3 most effective tactics for getting backlinks to your website?

At LiveChat we focus on:

  • Creating valuable content, linking to external reliable resources. This helps us deliver valuable information and improve chances of sharing / getting backlinks

  • Promoting the content among our followers/fans/email subscribers

  • Building valuable and entertaining tools for our customers/visitors. E.g. our Typing Speed Test or Customer Service Quiz


I want to share the story of how I got featured in Forbes.

I wrote an article about employee appreciation and I got into the topic really deep. On a lovely Christmas evening I was thinking about spreading the knowledge and I found the article written by Victor Lipman, on Forbes website about the lack of appreciation.

I decided to comment it. I mentioned how important the topic is, shared my concern that we often forget about it and I also linked back to my article so he could more of my thoughts. My point is, I wrote about something I believed in, and I think he felt it. I didn’t just write a comment, leave a link and then left. That’s what many people do and expect it will work. I wanted to make a difference for everyone who read it. So, imagine my surprise, when a few days later, Victor reached out to me. Turned out, he wrote a new article based on my comment from his previous article. He described my story, my views, quoted me and linked back to my aritcle and my profile several times.

I’ve never expected that and I was over the moon. The point here is, if you try to promote your website, blog post ( or whatever it is), you need to engage with the person you reach out to first. It’s best if you speak about the important matters - yes, it can be a conversion on your website, it’s important, but it matters how you present it.

Engage with the other person’s content a few times, and maybe after 4th time, leave a link back to your website. (I just got lucky by the first time, but maybe because it wasn’t my intention to promote myslef, just bring the focus to the topic). Creating relations and trust is crucial in marketing. What do you think?