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For the time being, the forum is closed (we don’t promote it yet) and only you, chosen LiveChat users, can access it :sunglasses:.

  • To help you feel comfortable in your community, we prepared short community guidelines and encourage you to read them from soup to nuts!

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I’ve tried using this way but when I click on “Chat with us”, nothing happens. I also don’t get any chat icon on your website to chat to an agent like I used to. At this point I’m not certain if it’s an issue with our settings or what the case is.


I’m sorry you’re experiencing a problem.

Our agents received 3 messages from you and replied to all of them. Please look for these messages in your inbox and provide all the information they’ve asked for. Our team needs detailed information to find out the reason for these problems.

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Hello. I just joined, and I’ve had some serious trouble with one of the agents. I went into the live chat to ask a question, and before asking it, I asked if the lady was a human or a computer just to make sure. She banned me, even though I used correct punctuation and such. I wasn’t rude in any way, I simply said “Before we start, I just need to make sure. Are you a human or a computer?” She replied within a split second saying yes, and I asked it again. She threatened to ban me in a rude way, and I said my question nicely. She then proceeded to ban me without answering my question about one of the services on the site.

Possibly it was a computer who likes to ban visitors :grin:

Hi @thatonegirl, which email did you use to contact our support department? (please, send it in a private message).

@Daria I just used a fake one for that time being. I wanted to make sure there was a typing program before signing up for that, so I came up with a random name. :joy: I have a different email used now.

What knowledge do you have of our product or service?

At the moment in might be not that great, but this is a great place to tell us more about yourself and your company :wave: