UTM Tracking

Hello =)

What about displaying UTM Tracking information in “Visitor Details” Window?

Hi @Roy, thanks for your feedback. I will pass it to the product team.

There is a workaround, but it needs a bit of technical skills.

You could gather UTMs and pass them over as custom variables. Here’s a short description on how this one could be achieved:

You can write your custom script that would load the UTM parameters from the front of your website, and then pass it over as variables on your website on which you are using LiveChat, for example:

key: UTM value: example_utm

By doing that, you’ll be able to use those variables and pass them over to LiveChat, and this can be done by facilitating our set_custom_variables method, described here:


By doing that, the UTM will be passed over as custom variables and then they will be establish on page load (together with loading LiveChat and script with set_custom_variables method), they will be available not only during the chat conversation (at the right side, right under the chat’s details) but also in the transcript of the conversation.

Here’s the article that will tell you how to write a custom script that will gather the UTM and pass them over as variables onto your website:

Once you will take care of that, linking them with LiveChat via set_custom_variables should be easy.

I hope this helps!