Using LiveChat to create a chat system

Hi all,

I have a requirement to build a chat system:

Let me introduce expectations:

My customers access my website after login, then depend on their ranking, then they can be contacted by specific salespeople. In another day, they can be contacted again by salespeople.

And I would like to control the records of conversations such as: created time, author, duration, and message to explore with text mining.

But after trial, I realize that my customers are able to chat with salespeople just as visitors of my website, I cannot specify which visitor is respective with my customer in the database.

I really need some suggestion to solve this problems.

Thanks for reading

Hey there,

To determine logged in user, you need to setup Custom variables -

Hope this will be helpful.



Just like @Roy mentioned, we need some configuration on your side here :slight_smile:

  1. My customers access my website after login’ - if your customers are only verified (signed in) users, then you should be able to load chat only for them. This requires custom development on your side and it’s hard to say what has be done exactly. In a few words - you should load our tracking code only if user is signed in (example: Other option would be to load different groups for logged in users.

  2. ‘then depend on their ranking, then they can be contacted by specific salespeople’ - I assume that you have some ranking that you’re able to pass to LiveChat? The best way to achieve this would be to name customers (as they are signed in, I guess you should have this data?), but more important (as far as I understood you) is to pass that ranking score. Custom variables are the best way to achieve that.

Thank all very much for suggestion.

But now I am confusing about could my sales people can actively contact to customer even customer is offline?

Yes, it’s actually possible, but not through the chat.
If you collect the data via through pre-chat survey (you can collect various data, i.e. email or phone number) you can use that later to contact them.

Hi @Roy, @Agnieszka,

I have the some trouble rightnow, I am try to configure tracking code like docs, but i dont know how this the value in configure code would be determine on my database? I mean I think a postback or file config is needed.