Twilio vs 2waySMS

Looking for some input from anyone who uses either Twilio or 2way SMS integrations for LiveChat. I saw 2way SMS in the Marketplace recently and like that you can initiate the message vs Twilio that you can only receive.

I’ve started using Twilio, but you pay per message to send and it’s not very customizable so I’m open to another option, if there’s a better one.

Has anyone tried either and have any feedback on each, good or bad?

I’m still trying to find out more information on which is the best integration for texting with LiveChat. Does anyone here have experience using 2waySMS vs Twilio? Is there any reps from 2waySMS in this forum who would be open to chatting? I’m interesting in making the switch from Twilio but have questions before I change. One of the more important questions is can i take my Twilio phone number and move it over to 2way (as we have that text number published many places now)?

Appreciate any feedback or input anyone has on 2way. Thanks!

Hi Melissa,

Thank you for the demo session we had few days ago. I decided to answer your questions also here, so that somebody else might learn something about our application…

First of all - yes, we can port your phone number from Twilio (or any other) over to us! It is very easy to do so - after installing our app in LiveChat, just let us know that you want to use your existing phone number and then we just provide you with the form that is needed to proceed. Then it takes few business days to make everything work.

As you mentioned before - you can initiate the chat with 2way! You just simply type the phone number, text and click send - the new chat will appear in your Chats section in your LiveChat - then it is all the same as with regular chat.

Let us know if you have any more questions. Have a good day!

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