Tutorials on how the extra options work (Knowledge base, ChatBot, third party integrations etc)

Dear Team,
Wanted to check if there is a possibility to share webinars and tutorials regarding how each of the extra services work.
Apart from a simple text description, it would be really helpful if we had access to a review or tutorial on how to set up step by step a specific feature such as Knowledge base, Bot and some other third party integrations.

For sure some of the community members are not experienced with coding or the understanding of API’s and Plugins but they could be in need of a feature that you (Live Chat Team) already offer.

I also monitor the new plugins but sometimes I come across to some paid ones or to some with missing description and it would be really helpful if you had a tutorial library to explain the usability and the potential use of each of your plugins.

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Hi @georgek,

Thanks for the suggestion. We’re currently working on new tutorials and “how to videos” that will appear in our knowledge base and on YouTube.

We already have plenty of articles in our Knowledge Base so please browse the section, maybe it includes the info you are interested in :slight_smile:

Plus, you can also visit our YouTube channel to watch what’s new. https://www.youtube.com/user/LIVECHATSoftware/videos

When it comes to the ChatBot integration, here are the links you may find useful:

And KnowledgeBase.ai:




You can also follow our Upadates page to find out about the news.

Omg thx guys ! :slight_smile:

@georgek we made a video tutorial with all the basics explained :slight_smile: