Trying to integrate @livechat/angular-widget getting metadata mismatch

I’m getting an error when trying to build.
ERROR in Error: Metadata version mismatch for module D:/a/1/s/node_modules/@livechat/angular-widget/livechat-angular-widget.d.ts, found version 4, expected 3

Any idea how to correct?

Hello :wave: @jh66226,
Could you tell us which version of Angular are you running?

Running Angular 4.3.6

As far as I know, 8+ is required, maybe even 9+.

Thank you, I didn’t see anywhere in the documentation that it specified. I actually found a hack to get it to work, but am currently stuck trying to get it to build to our test environment. If I edit the file livechat-angular-widget.metadata.json and change the version to 3 it the project compiles and runs perfect. It may come down to upgrading angular in our project but that’s no small undertaking.

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You’re welcome! Btw, what are you building?

It’s an app we had already have published and wanted to add the live chat for another option for our customers to get assistance. Specifically wanted to use the widget because it looked like the easiest way to be able to pass info about logged in customers back to our agents.