Top4 HelpDesk features that will make your support more efficient, but still personalized

Even if you are dealing with dozens of tickets per day, you can’t forget that there is a person behind every single one. What’s even more important, it’s usually a person with a problem. How to make your work easier and more efficient, but still communicate to your recipient that you are focused on their issue? Let’s take a look at 4 features in HelpDesk, that will allow you to notice the singularity of every case and make your communication more efficient, but still personalized.

  1. custom fields

Custom fields allow you to manage the content of every ticket and display the exact info you need when solving the case. They can store additional information about tickets, requesters, and organizations in the ticket details. You can show order number, order details, contact ID, requester’s website, delivery date, credit card number, social security number, requester’s age, and many, many more.

The more info you have at hand, the less you need to look for, which results in a bigger number of issues being solved in less time. What’s more, when having all info you need, you can respond to your customer in a way that will assure them that you really care about their problem.

Check out how to use them here :point_left:

  1. contact form for your website

Using this feature will let your customers reach you more easily, without the necessity of using their email client. It will also allow you to place the contact form anywhere you want on your website – if there is an area that causes your clients to reach out to you, you can do it in a way that will show them that you care. For example, place it on a page that you designed especially in a way that will encourage to reach out to you.

Read more about contact form in our Help Center article :point_left:

  1. automated workflows

Sometimes customers are reaching out with repetitive problems, which are relatively simple to solve, but it will take time for you to get to them while dealing with more complex issues. Automated workflow will trigger when certain conditions are met and will perform pre-programmed action. For example, it can send an automatic answer if HelpDesk will detect a specific phrase in the content of an email. It can also help the support agent and, for example, send you a private message with needed details or information, when it’s needed. You can specify by yourself what an automatic workflow should do and when, but you can also use our ready-made templates!

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…or check a video tutorial on implementing them in your support :point_left:

  1. Using my views

When emails are delivered to you from multiple different sources, it’s sometimes hard to prioritize your work and figure out which issues should be dealt with first. You can make this problem less severe by creating your own views, which will show you specific tickets, according to specific conditions like their status, time passed since the last response or any important measure that will be useful to you.

This way, HelpDesk can show you tickets that require your attention the most. And since there are your customers behind (most of) them, you will be able to serve them more quickly.

See what are my views and how to implement them :point_left:

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