Tips & tricks to create canned responses?

Hi guys,

We can’t imagine working without canned responses. They save our time and allow us to provide faster service.

Do you also find them helpful?

What are your tips on how to create canned responses so that they are easy to learn and use for new agents? Do you use more keywords for one canned response or just one keyword for multiple responses? Any other ideas?

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From my point of view, proper keywords is the key - if you need to store some links to integrations or articles, the best option is to use the exact name of the integration or a general topic of the article. For example: we have #salesforce as a shortcut for all Salesforce related articles, we have #salesforce_usage or #salesforce_installation so that agents can see a menu with all potential canneds they can use.

To teach agents about shortcuts and canneds I suggest using Tag Master application, it allows quickly searching and editing canned responses from Chats section, without the need to go to settings and ctrl/cmd + F each time you need to find anything. You can search for either content or a shortcut of a particular canned response. It’s really useful!


Our company has 6 physical offices, so something we’ve found useful with canned responses is any of the responses about contacting us are created 6 times over with the location specific info in the message. The tag then has a indicator of what location it is for.
When we initially starting our chat department we used a generic number and contact info for all locations, but it didn’t seem as personal and didn’t allow the visitor to get directly to the office they required. It also saved us (and saved time) from manually changing each canned response when we used a generic one but wanted to add more location specific details.