Ticket: sender email address from customer's view

I am not sure if this topis was discussed, I couldn’t find it. So, when agents are offline and customers send a message, it creates a ticket. A customer receives a notification about ticket creation, and when agents reply, a customer receives a reply through the same ticket form. However, a mail customer receives has 11697261+xgxcv@tickets.livechatinc.com as a sender email address, which is not recognizable for a customer and they said looks like spam. Is there a way to customize this email address like: mycompanyname@tickets.livechatinc.com?

Hi @zimihome :wave:

When it comes to changing email address of the ticket, it’s not possible with in-built LiveChat ticketing system.
It can be achieved with HelpDesk – our another product, that can be integrated with LiveChat.

If you would like to read more about it, check out our dedicated page: