Tell us about your process of introducing HelpDesk in your company!


HelpDesk, as its slogan on the website says, was designed as a simple ticketing system for teams. The aspect of teamwork is especially important to us, as we believe that great customer support is a product of multiple specialists working together to deliver a final solution to the client.

How was your journey introducing HelpDesk to the team? How would you describe this process? Which features and integrations are the most useful to your team?

Share with us below!

I’ll be honest… I was hesitant to switch to HelpDesk initially. The LiveChat product offered a free ticketing system that was doing a decent job handling our emails, so I didn’t know if adding another charge to our bottom line was necessary. After researching some of the extras that HelpDesk provides that the free LiveChat ticketing system does not, I decided to give it a try and I am very glad we did!

The switch from the LiveChat tickets to HelpDesk was very easy for us as HelpDesk provides a migration service. Every ticket, canned response and agent profile was automatically moved over to HelpDesk for me, so set up was super simple and we were able to keep the history of all our past tickets as well.

One of the big features we utilized immediately that HelpDesk provides, that we didn’t have with the free ticketing system, is the Automated Workflows. We set these up relatively soon when we signed up for HelpDesk and this has allowed us to streamline our assignment of incoming tickets and assign them directly to a team member, instead of having someone sort through the tickets each day and manually assign them. Based on each team members responsibilities and duties, the automated workflow can instantly assign them them ticket, provide notification that they have a ticket requiring attention, therefore improving our ticket resolution times. Currently we have 10 Automated Workflows set up that have been used 12,699 times (and counting), directing the ticket to the right agent to get the job done.

Also early on in our HelpDesk journey, we started to use it as an internal training resource and support for the LiveChat agents. The day after a LiveChat is complete, one of our trainers read through the past days chats and can create an internal ticket (does not include the customer), just includes the agent. Feedback can be provided via this ticket to the agent to let them know if there was a correction/coaching moment identified or something they could have done differently during the chat (eg you could have offered to sign the visitor up), or share a “good job” if the agent handled the chat well and/or went above and beyond with the chat. Agents then get notified they have a feedback ticket and it has helped with ongoing training for our team as well as ensuring everyone is providing consistently strong customer service as the agents are always striving to receive the good job tickets. Anything that requires further follow up, can be followed up on and the agent and trainer are included on the HelpDesk ticket so both are in the loop (and can leave private messages on the ticket for each other to communicate) as any progress or corrections are made regarding that ticket.

With all these extras, and the low cost per agent for HelpDesk, and the ease of set up, it has definitely been worth it!