Teaching ChatBot to identify specific e-mails


The goal here is for ChatBot to recognize a visitor with a specific e-mail, and then transfer them to a Support Hero.

Visitors indicate their e-mail in a pre-chat query, so we have their e-mail when they start chatting. Is it possible to teach ChatBot to recognize e-mails from a specific list without user input, but just by looking at the pre-chat query data?

We also want ChatBot to check the validity of the e-mail address (so there are no typos), but placing two consecutive user inputs is not possible, and placing them alongside each other also doesn’t do the trick (doesn’t seem to have a priority among equal actions).

Can you advise if it can be done, and if yes - how exactly?

Many thanks in advance!

Hi @Tony_Chocolony! I’ll check it with our Support Heroes and go back to you with an answer :raised_hands:

Many thanks!

Hi again! Our Support Hero, Sylwia, asked you to contact her directly via support@chatbot.com. She checked it and said that she needs your input to help you with that case! :raised_hands:

Awesome! Will do that
Thanks heaps once again

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I have a similar use case. We’d like to route a visitor to a Group based on their domain. Can you share the results of this thread?

Hi @gbedrosian! I contacted our Support Team and they asked you to contact with them directly at support@chatbot.com in this case. They need some additional details to provide you with the best solution :raised_hands:

TY. I have done so.


Wow! it is an amazing platform.