Targeted messages landscape portraits on desktop is landscape and mobile is portrait why?

Hi All,

We have created a targeted message and when a customer loads our website on a mobile device the landscape image is show as a portrait images cutting down the left and right side of that image.

When we make the targeted message we can only upload one image.

Is there a way we can upload a different image for mobile only or show this popup with the image in landscape and text below like desktop version?

Hi! LiveChat team here :handshake:

The layout of the greeting on mobile is indeed different, it’s organized in that way in order to save vertical space; showing same greetings as on desktop often results in a bad user experience.

Users can configure the Widget to behave differently just on mobile devices, as per the screenshot attached. With the different Visibility options, they can e.g. always hide the minimized widget, and use their own button, for example, in the hamburger menu to open the chat.

In the future, we are planning to introduce an option to add different types of pictures for mobile devices, but right now, another form of widget displayed on mobile seems like the best option.