Synch with SFDC Using Captured Data

We capture and expose utm parameters to track paid advertising and we have the lead creation functionality for SFDC with utm fields in LC mapped with utm fields in SFDC. But the utm parameters that the tool captures on the chat cannot fill in the SFDC fields, we literally have to copy and paste them from the chat to the SFDC window, on the same page, which is error prone. We’ve offered to pay for this “integration” but there is no interest from LC. Anyone else have this issue that would love to automate pushing leads into SFDC?

Hey @jason.webber!
Good question! We already help out on this with a number of SFDC clients using an in-house tool, but I don’t believe it’s on LC’s roadmap at the moment. Have you thought about looking at LC’s expert partners for help? :slight_smile:

Hi @jason.webber! Sorry for the late reply - for some reasons I missed this thread :slight_smile:

Please confirm if I understood you well - do you want to pass UTM params from link to the LC and then map it to SFDC? Is that what do you want to achieve?

Not quite, I’d like to have the utm params that LC captures to autopopulate the SFDC form in order to eliminate copy & paste errors. See screenshot:

Haven’t considered that, any recommendations on a partner?