Suggestion - Owner or Admin receive notification of agent accepting chats

Not sure if anyone else would find this useful, but it would be useful for me.

Could there be an option for the owner or admin (or anyone who wants to know, I suppose) to receive a notification when a new agent is accepting chats? Also maybe a notification of when no agents are accepting chats?

Right now we use skype to communicate when someone has started their shift and is available to accept chats. Also, an option to be notified if no agents are accepting chats would be helpful too. Occasionally an agent will lose connection and it would be helpful to know if no one is online. It would allow me to react quickly to ensure someone gets online instead of finding out the next day when reviewing the availability report.

If these options followed through on the livechat app as well, that would be great. I always have my app on, so even if I leave my desk, I would get the notifications.


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Hi Melissa,

Thanks for your feedback. I will pass it to our product team.

At the moment we do not have such alerts although you could ask a developer to create something similar by using our REST API and checking agents statuses repeatedly.

Such request would be based on this docs: with the use of the ‘status’ parameter.

Also, there is an option to monitor the status of the agents in that panel here:

Let me know if it’s clear.

This could be a really nice feature in integrations, add a webhook option?

I’d like to see this too - perhaps even being able to enable it on a per channel basis.

Right now we use Pingdom to do this - basically it checks the channel every few minutes and if it sees the offline message it fires off an alert to say chat is offline.

Having this built directly into LiveChat would be great.

@Dan @sean.farmar thanks for your feedback. I passed it to our product designers, and they will take it into consideration.