SnapCall is now available on Marketplace!

Hello everyone!

I’m thrilled to share that we’ve just released the SnapCall integration on our Marketplace, and we can’t wait for you to start using it!

SnapCall is a smart voice solution allowing your team to call customers right inside the chat. It was developed by the SnapCall team.

Launching a call inside the Agent App is effortless and fully digital. This means there’s no need to have a phone number to be able to offer voice interaction to your customers. Calls are completely free of charge for the customer, anywhere in the world.

The app is fully functional, but there are couple of known usage issues that are going to be fixed soon. We are listing those below, so you are aware of them.

  • In a situation when a customer has already started calling the agent, closing the tab by the customer won’t stop ringing on the agent side.
  • An agent who transfers a chat with an incoming call can still hear the ringing after the transfer.
  • When a customer starts calling an agent, but decides to end the call before it is answered, the ringtone continues for 20 seconds on the agent side.
  • Agents don’t have direct information about the caller. They need to deduce who’s calling based on whom they sent the widget.
  • Currently, the app doesn’t handle more than one call at a time. It’s recommended not to send the widget to multiple customers at the same time.
  • There’s missing microphone support on the macOS app.

Please share your feedback about the app below. If you have ideas for the additional features or you’ve found the bug, please let us know.

The app has 30 days of a free trial. After that, it costs $20/month per agent.

Check it right now:


I started the free trial of SnapCall this week and so far, so good!
It’s definitely something we can use in our business as visitors often ask to connect via phone part way through the chat to provide payment details or other information.

Favorite feature so far is that the phone number is masked, so you never have to worry about a client saving the phone number of an agent’s direct line or cell phone number and trying to connect later (when the agent is not working).



We just finished another week with our FREE SnapCall trial. If you haven’t given it a try yet, I would definitely recommend checking it out! You get a 1 month free trial to see if it’s something that works for your business.

Both our visitors and agents love how easy to use it is. You can quickly launch a call right from the chat, it’s one click for the agent to launch and one click for the visitor to accept. So great that you don’t have to close the chat and open a different app!



After consdering it for quite a few days I have finally taken the plunge. I can see it’s very easy to use and should result in better business. One month free trial is definitely a plus and I if get good results in this one, I’ll stick around for a very very long time. So, just keeping my fingers crossed and enjoying this new feature at the moment.


Woo Hoo! My team has been featured as a happy SnapCall customer! Check out our success story with this new LiveChat integration!