Slack for LiveChat is now available!

Hello guys :smiley:

We are happy to announce that LiveChat integration with Slack is on and going!
You can find it in our Marketplace. :slight_smile:

We provide two ways of integration to let you choose the option that fits your needs in the most comprehensive way.

Firstly, you can link your Slack account through basic Slack Connector. This little app allows you to

  • chat with your customers directly from Slack App
  • receive notifications about LiveChat events
  • send questions to your teammates.

If you need more advanced options, check out the other app – Slack for LiveChat. This integration merges together these two workspaces in a complex way.
For example, if you use groups in LiveChat, e.g. to divide visitors due to the page that they are on, you can link them to the exact channels on Slack to make sure that they will contact certain people in your company.
You can also turn chats into public (or private) channels. Your teammates can join the channel, but their messages won’t be visible to the customer.
This integration also allows you to send emojis, images and diffferent types of files through Slack to your customers.

We would like to hear from you, tell us what you think! :thinking:

When will Microsoft teams be available? Teams is growing rapidly and all enterprise customers are on Microsoft teams.

Can teams be integrated?

Hi @thomas,

For now, we do not offer this integration. I passed your suggestion to our Integrations team and they are already discussing this feature.
If anything comes up in the near future, I’ll let you know!

For the time being you can use Zapier to convert finished chats into channel messages in MS Teams.