Simple Use Example Of Customer API

I am trying to evaluate using the Customer Api to directly interact with one of my mobile apps on iOS and Android. It seems to me from a half day in the beta docs that I would need to setup a web app to deal with the OAuth exchange and funnel all my support messages through there?

From what I can see you wouldn’t want to have every end customer get access tokens anyway, just to start a chat.

For Development: How would you expect that I would grab access tokens from a mobile app ONLY project? I thought for sure that the customer api would be a bunch simpler to auth since we don’t need any login or account info?

Hi @lester,

I passed your questions to our devs, and they will reply as soon as they get the answer. However, please could you elaborate more on a topic? What exactly would you like to do?

I would like to write a custom integration to LiveChat for our end customers that can come from our xamarin forms app. Literally I just want to chat to our existing agent pool from our app. Wrapping a webview isn’t really an option, and I was thinking that the customer api might do what I need… but now that I look closer I’m not so sure.

Is there a rest endpoint that I can pass an ID to and chat with an agent on our team?

Or a better way to integrate a native customer support chat function into a xamarin forms app?


I know that it takes a bit longer, but our developers are working on your case and they will contact you as soon as they find the solution.

Hi @lester ,

Currently, Customer API and Customer authorization process are prepared for use with backend integration, where storing and using Agent Token is acceptable. You can use it to integrate with new communication channels like SMS or social media platforms. To build customer front-end application, we recommend using Chat Widget Customer SDK. It handles Customer authorization process and provides easy to use JS API. Unfortunately, it requires a web environment.

We are preparing additional authorization possibilities for non-browser environments, but it’s not released yet. We will inform you when it becomes available and ready to use with technologies like Xamarin.

Where can I find the “Customer SDK” mentioned here

Hi @developerpurple,

The documentation for the Chat Widget Customer SDK can be found here: