Side Project Day: How to help our customers?

Hello everyone!

We’re excited to share a little bit of unusual news with you today.

Last week, we had a Side Project Day at LiveChat. It was a creative hackathon for our entire company, held entirely online.

The main theme was the following question:

How to help our customers during the pandemic?

Over 100 LiveChat employees participated in the event! They were organized into 21 teams, who spent the entire day working on answers for that question.

We also had some great guest speakers, who provided us with more insights and information on the current situation worldwide. We were happy to host Przemysław Gdański, President of the Management Board of BNP Paribas Bank in Poland, Piotr Orzechowski, CEO of Infermedica, Michael Jankie, Co-founder of LeadChat, and Adrian Kajda, Founder of Fuelio.

In this thread, we’d soon share with you some of the concepts created that day!

Cheers from Organizers


Team 2 here!

The Challenge

How to keep up morale of a team that suddenly switched to work-from-home mode?

The Context

What we decided to focus on are small-medium companies with no prior experience working remotely - the ones that were able to switch to remote, but that was not something that they did before.

We figured that those teams would mostly struggle with, first and foremost, lack of social interaction and day-to-day routine, followed by problems with motivation and performance. The human aspect is what we focused on.

We were heavily inspired by various gamification attempts so far. Based on our research (Bartle’s player types), we decided to target Socializers - most of the population out there.

The Team Hub

We came up with a hub designed to give you a semblance of everyday routine and being there, with your team, in the office.
Based on simple challenges, interactions and notifications, Team Hub is meant to help you feel like the team is sitting next to you.

Want to care about the others & yourself? Drink your water and remind everyone else about it. Your teammates get notified that you just did that and are encouraged to join in.

Feeling sleepy & distracted? Jump in with a push-up round and challenge others to join. Even if you are far away, you can still do things together - which builds up a feeling of being there, together.

The Details

You get to use Team Hub in two places - first, on the right hand side of the chat, as Agent App Extension. From there you can both see what’s going on & initiate interactions yourself.

The second is a dedicated dashboard - where you can see the best performers and get to compete with the others! Who can complete the most push-up rounds during the week? Who keeps others up with GIFs and music?

The Future

We would want the Team Hub to be customizable, allowing you to add in your own bits and pieces that are important for your company’s culture. We could add in more LiveChat-driven triggers. Anything that helps you feel that you are in this together.

How do you like it? Do you feel that this could help your team tackle the mandatory-home-office situation the world is in?


How to help less tech-savvy customers shop online using LiveChat

The sudden outburst of COVID-19 has changed the way people purchase products. Online shopping has taken the lead allowing companies to survive during the crisis and helping customers purchase products that had been usually bought in stationary shops.

But not all users cope with purchasing products and services online. Some elderly or just less-tech savvy people struggle to use technology, which during the pandemic, could be the only way enabling them to buy anything.

Taking into consideration the above, our team was working on ideas that could help the elderly or less tech-savvy people easily purchase products online using LiveChat. Bellow you can read about our ideas, in a nutshell.

Idea 1 - Proactive support

Start with use a LiveChat proactive greeting to inform visitors you can help them.

Idea 2 - Let agents mark out customers who require dedicated support.

Our idea was to create a special icon in the LiveChat agent app that would allow agents to mark out customers who need dedicated support. When the customers would return to chat in the future, agents would immediately know that this person requires more attention. Such a person should have a priority in a queue.

We also suggest that agents should be more patient as the customer may need more time to type the answer and get to know the interface. Agents should also confirm every customer’s decisions to make sure a customer understands everything.

Idea 3 - Finalize payments in the chat window

To make the purchasing process even easier, we could enable customers to finalize payments right in the chat window. Thanks to that they wouldn’t need to jump between separate pages and get distracted.

Idea 4 - Voice to text

We thought it would be a good idea to let people say things to an agent via LiveChat, instead of writing. The person could receive the answer typed by the agents via a voice bot. This way, agents would be able to serve a couple of customers at a time, just typing, whereas customers, who find typing difficult, could communicate without much trouble.


Idea: Personal tool for strengthening relationships with customers (aka virtual business card)

Chat in real-time when you are available. Collect messages, book meetings, and gather leads when you are offline. All of that on your own, personal webpage.

What we decided to do is to create a dedicated page for each agent to help them build stronger 1:1 relationships with customers and build their personal brands.

It’s a more personal “direct chat link” that you already know. That’s an easy to use page generator that lets you create customized landing pages, on your own website, for each agent.

We believe that in some cases person-to-person communication is more beneficial for both sides than business-to-person. We believe that our tool combined with the power of our products (LiveChat, HelpDesk, ChatBot, KonwlegeBase) can help build you stronger relationships with customers.

Stay ahead of the competition and let your sales team shine!

Benefits for your company:

  • A human face behind you online customer service tools
  • The additional promotional channel
  • Building stronger relationships and being ahead of your competitors

Benefits for agents:

  • A professional online business card that they can easily share.
  • Sharing expertise and explaining the role in the company.
  • Strengthening a personal brand and building relationships with chosen customers and potential customers.

Benefits for your customers:

  • Easy way to reach out to their dedicated support heroes or account managers.
  • They can keep in touch with favorite agents and feel more comfortable when reaching out to someone they already know.
  • “Getting to know the person better” before chatting.

Our prototype:

Our tool gives your customers the opportunity to reach out to someone they already know and are familiar with. Thanks to this relationship most cases can be resolved faster and with much better results.

Share your opinion with us!
Team 7


Team 18

Problem: How to enable internal communication between agents?

The current world situation due to coronavirus requires businesses to increase their online support capacity. New agents may often require some help while supporting the customer. We want to enable agents to ask more experienced agents for help. When a new agent asks for help directly, it’s more likely he will receive a response in a reasonable time. Therefore we’ve focused on the ability to start an internal conversation directly with selected agents.


Our idea was to allow agents to start a chat with any chosen agent while chatting with a client. That option is embedded in chats dropdown.

Within the next popup, the agent can pick as many agents as he needs to chat about the customer’s problem at hand. There is also a text box where he can describe and sum up the situation.

To prevent confusing the recipients two separate tabs are available: Chats and Internal Chats. Details about internal and external recipients are visible as well.

On the right panel, we added an additional section containing details about the conversation. It can be found under the eye icon and enables agents to check out chat with the client. It can be done without leaving the chat with the agent who has asked for help. If an Agent wants to move into supervising mode, there is such option too.

The third tab contains an internal Knowledge Base which gathers problematic use cases and solutions, written down by the agents for agents.

Team 18
Kaja, Maciej, Marcin, Paweł


Hey there! :wave: Team 9 here.

The problem we were trying to solve: “How to onboard new agents to the support team fully remotely”.

Onboarding might be an issue in the COVID-19 times: people have lost the possibility to talk to each other on a daily basis, as they work at home. Companies provide a lot of internal workflows and use-cases, but they require time and resources to be explained step-by-step.

Additionally, the number of features in the LiveChat app might be overwhelming for new agents.

The solution we came up with is the “Chat Coach” - the tool allowing you to create fully interactive, customizable chats simulations, which will allow your Agents to learn how and which tools to use in the Company-specific cases.

How does it work?

The first step is to customize onboarding paths. Admins or license owners can configure them just for the specific features, like “Canneds” or “Tags”, based on the specific use case. They can use their own wording to explain each step, provide some additional tips, and usage examples.

The second step is to set up an interactive Quiz. With the use of configurable blocks, one can easily set up a set of questions, which will be presented to Agents in the form of the simulated Chat. This way, they will be able to learn quicker, all spiced-up with the pinch of fun!

This is where the configuration ends. Now, Agents can choose and take part in the Training you have tailored just for them! First, they can choose from a variety of pre-configured onboardings.

Then, they take a quick tour of the feature itself.

Finally, they take a Quiz, using the feature itself and validating their knowledge.

Let’s sum up the basic features of “Chat Coach”.

One-time only configuration: multiple agents can take the same quiz more than once, which means a lot of saved time for their Mentors.

Instant feedback: Agents learn on-the-go, with the help of the gamification, so no delays here. They will use their future work environment, getting familiar with the User Interface they will use on a daily basis.

Agents can start a Quiz anytime: you don’t need to get in sync with the whole team in order to organize a structured onboarding, which might be especially hard to achieve now.

Multiple Tours for the different features: Admins can create different sets of tasks, depending on the tools used in the company, as not everyone uses canneds or tags.

Chat Coach - Simpler onboarding. Let us know if you like it!


Team 18’s and Team 9’s ideas are DEFINITELY features our support team would use. Both would be extremely helpful for communication and training purposes.

Look forward to seeing these ideas become reality one day! And if you are looking for someone to help you with testing, I volunteer as tribute!


Late port from Team 8

Problem: How to deal with network and low-cost hardware issues due to switching to work from home environment.

Some customers have to whitelist us in their network security systems. They also experience a slower connection with our services. It can disturb and decrease the support team’s performance.


Our idea was to introduce a “lite mode” in Agent App. The solution will automatically detect slow/unstable Internet and suggest switching to light connection. Although some functions won’t be available, users still will be able to conduct chats.