Showing (not set) as landing pages in Google Analytics because of Live chat?

Is anyone facing the issues of getting (not set) as landing pages in Google analytics. Its occurs only in Live Chat implemented websites. Checked all settings, codes and tried every possible ways.
Events are tracked properly but (not set) issue not solved.
Also bought app and implemented it but still no result.
Can anyone help on this??


Could you please provide us an example of what you’re referring to?
For example, whether is this the case of visitors clicking on links sent in the chat widget and the (not set) is present.

This is what I can refer: Screenshot by Lightshot
I guess you know that Automated Greeting event fires when live chat widgets loads.
I can also provide you a custom code applied for live chat widget

Could you also send us a list of pages where you have a working LC+GA installed? Maybe you could point us to the one that you receive other events properly but just the greeting returns (not set) for landing page.

These are the main:

Can send more if you want.

Hello again!
We have checked those websites and we can see for greeting the landing page is being sent together with the event.

It’s not obvious how we’d be able to help here to be honest: Monosnap

Our support also found an article where they explain why such thing can happen:

Generally, you can expect to find the (not set) value for 1% of visitors at a minimum. This value is displayed for various reasons which, unfortunately, we can’t influence:
Deleted cookies
JavaScript disabled in the user’s browser
Couldn’t detect the location based on IP or couldn’t detect the IP at all
Variety of blockers (AdBlocker, etc.)

This is not something that we’d be able to control on our end as this information is generated by google not us.

If there is 1% of (not set) traffic then its not an issue but we are getting almost 10% traffic from landing page->not set in all live chat enabled websites.

Anyway, Thanks for the response. I will read the article and will try to look into it in a different way.

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Ok, thanks for reaching us!

We have the same issue here. Have you manage to resolve it?