Show the Telegram and Facebook Messenger icon on the site


Made integration with Telegram and Facebook Messenger. How to make the icons displayed on the site and the client can choose which communication channel to write to?

To reach you via website your clients can use LiveChat chat widget; it doesn’t matter which channel you client will use, all the messages will end up in your LiveChat app.
If you would like your clients to be able to choose, you can write your phone number on your website for them to reach you via telegram, or link to your facebook site, where they can use messenger.

But how can a client write in a telegram if he sees only a chat icon on the site? Previously, the company used a different chat, and when you set up the integration, the icon itself appeared next to the chat icon.

If the company used a different chat, the icon appeared next to the chat icon once the integration was set up.

The integration between LiveChat and Telegram gives a support agent a way to respond to Telegram messages in LiveChat app.
The way that the company introduces this communication channel to their customers is up to them, but from our experience, what works best with websites is LiveChat widget, which can be adjusted to the branding of the site.