Show 'Get It' button instead of 'Install' button on application in the marketplace

I want show ‘Get It’ button instead of ‘Install’ button on my application in the marketplace. I would like to provide install button in my web application.

I want a flow similar as ’ Woopra’ application in the marketplace.

My application name is ScoopAI. In my application, I implement 2 things- oAuth 2.0 and read archive chats of user.



“Install” button is available for every application that actually adds something to the application, like widget, fullscreen app, etc. If you don’t use any widgets, you can simply put link to LiveChat integration from your application into “Tutorial URL” field.
Check the screenshot:

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I have not publish my app yet( It’s a private app). I will publish soon. I am not using any widget and also added URL from my application into “Tutorial URL” field. But still I get ‘Install’ button and other few apps are having ‘Get It’ Button when I logged-in livechat account.

Actually I want user to install livechat-app from my web application. I will only provide installation steps for user into marketplace, similar as ’ Woopra’ application in the marketplace.

Once your app will be published on Marketplace, users will see “Get it” button instead of “Install”.

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