Shopify order

Livechat has an amazingly poor Shopify mix. One element missing that other visit alternative available offers is the capacity for clients to look into their requests without the requirement for an operator.

Clients ought to have the option to look into their request with a request number and an email address.

When would we be able to expect this usefulness from Livechat/Chatbot?

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Hi there! Thanks for the question. If I understand correctly, you’d like LiveChat or ChatBot to allow merchants to check their purchase order statuses. Is that correct?

If so, I can confirm that we have such a feature on our roadmap for 2020 for ChatBot.

When it comes to LiveChat integration with Shopify, we currently focus on the ability to display Shopify customer details in LiveChat Agent App. That said, we want our clients using the Shopify integration to see whether customers they chat with are logged in users, what do they have in carts, how many purchases they closed in one’s store, etc.

Essentially, we want to provide merchants with the tool that helps close sales in LiveChat agent app - so that one doesn’t have to switch from LiveChat and Shopify Admin Panel to support customers efficiently.