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Hi guys!

We know that work in a customer service department is hard, but from time to time it’s real fun too. Can you share with us some amusing or feel-good stories from your job so that we can all have a bit of fun?

Every month we will choose the best story and send its author one of our groovy LiveChat capes. Thanks to it, you will become a real Support Hero!

P.S. Just remember to remove all the personal data and photos to avoid breaching any privacy laws!

We are a driving school in British Columbia, Canada who help people of all ages obtain their car, truck or motorcycle driver’s licence. We see clients through the whole stage of their driver licensing process, from the Learner’s Licence through to the road test and even obtaining their upgraded licence.

One very memorable client we had, began LiveChatting with us about the process on how to obtain a truck licence. He LiveChatted with a few agents, Jessy, Ryley and Mel about the licensing process and career opportunities before then registering for training and becoming very attached to our LiveChat agent Sam. Throughout the next few months, the client came back to the website to LiveChat with Sam about anything and everything to do with his licence. Sam directed him how to proceed with government funding for his training course, register for training, what he could expect with the on-road training and scheduling. Our LiveChat agent Sam, was this client’s favourite go-to for any scheduling changes, how to access online learning documents and even the occasional pep talk during the sometimes stressful training and testing process. On the exciting day that the client passed his road test and obtained his newly upgraded truck licence, he took the time to come by the office to meet our agent Sam in person and thank her for all the time she took to LiveChat with him, answer all his questions and most importantly support him during his training. The entire process was extremely rewarding for both the client and our LiveChat agent Sam!


It’s a great story. My father is a driving instructor, and he tries to approach his students similarly, helping them not only to learn how to drive but also deal with documents, etc.

I think that it’s important for any business to show empathy and offer help even to potential clients. Thanks to it, you can close more deal as well as get customers who are grateful not only for your good products or offers but also for exceptional customer service you deliver :wink:

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is this competition still open? =)

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Yes, it is :slight_smile: