Sending a Ticket in HelpDesk to more than 1 email address

When creating a new ticket, it would be very helpful to be able to send that ticket to more than 1 email address. We have clients who like communication to be sent to more than 1 email address (eg 16 year old student and we need to include Mom and/or Dad’s email as well) and being able to send the same ticket to all emails (and then have all responses communicating with all emails as well) would be helpful.

Also, we sometimes need to add “people in the loop” (which is basically a CC) when creating a new ticket and/or add more than 1 agent when creating a new ticket, and you can’t do that until after the ticket is created and sent. By adding this after the ticket is sent initially, these additions don’t see the ticket until any replies (if any) are sent and they aren’t sent the initial ticket.

Is there any way we could have the “people in the loop” or more than 1 email address and more than 1 agent added to be able to send on a new ticket?

Hi @melissa.hannam!
Sorry for the late reply. I think we already had the discussion on Community about the CC function in HelpDesk. I’ll reach out to the HelpDesk team and will find out if they plan out to implement this feature :slight_smile:

I think I had asked before about sending via a bcc function to a group of email addresses and that was a no.

I’m hoping this might be a bit easier and more probably more useful for a variety of situations. Right now we have to send 2 separate tickets when we have to email both Mom and Dad for example. Being able to send the same ticket to multiple emails would allow us to be more efficient.

Thanks for looking into it! Look forward to hearing some good news on this feature! :crossed_fingers:

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