Searching for Developer Partners world wide

Hey folks. Nice to meet you all. I am Pradeep, having 3+ years of experience in Project Management.
I am currently into a Project - Similar to eCommerce but with a little twist to it.
Here searching for some Developers to make a team. We need the following people with the described Skill Sets:

  1. Front End Developer: HTML, CSS, and Angular.
    2)Back End Developer: PHP / Nodejs / Python with any framework.
  2. Database Manager: MySQL and Google
  3. Digital Marketer.

The idea is to make a small team by taking people around the world and make it a success.
Let’s make a Virtual Boundaryless Organization. We all will take stakes in the Business.
Sky has the limit if we have strong Determination. Let’s Make it.

Give me a Mail to for a detail talk.

Hello @er.pradeepkdash :wave:

Could you tell us more about your project? :slight_smile: