Rocket.Chat Livechat Internal server error

I clone master branch in my local and load Rocket.Chat and everything works good but I have problem with Livechat .

I want to START CHAT with Livechat .

  1. First step: Enable Livechat
  2. Next Step: Register a new account
  3. Last Step: In Livechat Users section add the user to LIVECHAT AGENTS list.

Now by using Installation code I expect that I can chat with another user. But when I fill name and email and press START CHAT button I face an internal server error.

What is the problem? Any help will be appreciated

Hi George!

Can you let me know which API/library you’re referring to?
As far as I know Rocket.Chat is a different service (not made by us),
I believe you might be contacting the wrong company.

Kind regards.