Rich Messages with BotEngine coming soon

Hi guys,

We are just about to launch Rich Messages that will come for the BotEngine integration. From now on LiveChat will be able to handle the following messages:

  • Card: The message will be displayed on one card.
  • Carousel: The same deal, but with two or more cards with controls to cycle them.
  • Quick Replies: This message will show a question with predefined replies.
  • Button: The message will show a text with a button you can assign to a specific action.

All Rich Messages sent by the bot will be displayed both in the chat widget and in the agent app.

To help you out, the agent app will be showing quick replies chosen by clients so that you don’t miss out on those interactions.

We are also planning on creating a dedicated Rich Messages configurator in LiveChat so that agents can send them to customers at any time.

Feel free to tell us what additional formats of rich messages you would like to see added to LiveChat.

And to wrap it up, a quick question:, would it make a big difference to you if we automatically marked chats with Rich Messages to make them more visible?

Thanks for feedback!


Hi Malgorzata,

I was wondering if there is an update on when this will be available in LiveChat.

I think that it would be great if LiveChat could handle all rich text that is available in BotEngine and I looking forward to seeing it. Perhaps also a specific Rich message for transferring customers from the bot to an agent, and for creating tickets?

Also, will the “Rich Messages configurator” allow the user to customise the messages and their format?


Hi Conor!
Currently we are running some tests on our website, with the BotEngine based bot integrated with LiveChat - you can open our main website ( and start a chat. :slight_smile: Once you will start a conversation with Richard, he will use rich messages to communicate with you. :tada:

And yes, he can send you a button for transferring a chat to the real agent, so you can connect transfer to the rich message from the very beginning. Unfortunately there is no such possibility with creating tickets (probably yet).

Rich Messages configurator will allow for creating different sets of rich messages, but at the beginning with the 4 types, I mentioned (and this feature won’t be available with the first release for sure).

If we are speaking about the release date for BotEngine users, I am not able to give you an actual ETA. We needed to change a big part of the app, to make that feature even possible to make, so we need to do a lot of various tests in the app, to make sure it won’t break anything else.

Are you interested in testing that feature with us? :slight_smile:

Hi Conor!
I am pleased to inform you, that we just released Rich Messages in integration between LiveChat and BotEngine. :tada:

You can check how it works here: If you will have any questions about that feature, or maybe some feedback to give, you can always write it here. :slight_smile:


Hi Malgorzata,

Thanks for letting me know! I look forward to trying it out.

Kind regards,