Revert to simple layout

I dont like the new layout at all. How do I go back to the simple interface?

I don’t need all of this info on the screen at once. I don’t need chat bubbles or emojicons and smiley faces. A third of the program is now dedicated to a list of chats that I don’t need. Everything is now twice as large and hard to find.

How do I go back to how it was yesterday?

Also I need to copy my chats from your program into our CSM. I usually have to go back and copy chat texts over long after they are completed. I used to be able to keep my unentered chats on the screen so I can track what is entered and what is not. Now that whole feature is gone and ALL of my org.'s chats are mixed together in the archives instead. I really need to go back to how it was yesterday. The ‘Chat with us’ feature in the program does not work so I can’t contact you.

Please advise


You can toggle the new view off here, by clicking on your chat agent profile bubble.

I know the CRM we’re planning on getting has an integration with LiveChat as well. You might be able to find an integration either from LiveChat or your CSM’s website, or if one doesn’t exist, you might need to contact a web developer to set one up through APIs.

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New problem found - I can no longer see what chats my colleagues have. If there are two or more people taking chats at my office, I need to see at a glance which employees are talking to which customers. The whole feature seems to be just gone. How do I go back to how it was before you introduced all this new nonsense?

Awseome - I see the switch now. Thank you. This is back to how it was

Hi Scott!

I’m sorry you don’t like the new design. I appreciate your feedback and I’m sending it to our Product Team now.

As @vince.c mentioned you can still switch back to the old view.

Also I need to copy my chats from your program into our CSM.

Even though you probably already got back to the old view, I’d love to share with you some tips on getting chat transcripts automatically so you don’t have to waste your time:

You can check all the ongoing chats in the Customers (Chatting) section:

p.s. If the chat in the app doesn’t work, you can always find it here: so our agents can help you with this issue.

Hi Scott!
As Vince and Agnieszka mentioned, there are some possibilities with forwarding chat transcripts in a more automatic way, without a need to copy it one by one from the archives, but I would like to propose a solution for the case with too many details which you don’t actually need.
There is a possibility to make the left column much wider if you will hide the right Details section. You can make it with the “x” button on the top right side of the screen. Please check the screenshot below to see how different it might look like. More agents names will be displayed in both, left column ant the middle one with the chat transcript.

I hope that this will help in your case. :slight_smile:

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Hi Scott,
If you would like to consider using the new Archives view, I would like to let you know, that copying the chat transcript is fixed now - you should be able to copy&paste chats content without any additional problems. :slight_smile: