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Since the new design in the tickets area, I can no longer copy and paste from within message bubbles. This is very frustrating as we are often looking up order numbers or user email addresses in our eCommerce system. Can you please change this?

We are using the tickets to keep track of all customer interactions for historical reference and searchability. In these cases, we do not send the customer a copy so we set ourselves and assigned and the requester. We end up with a ton of emails on every ticket if there is any back and forth, as a partial bandaid for this we have created dummy agents with dead-end emails but it feels sloppy. Any ideas here that might help me?

I started looking at your HelpDesk software and while I see a few differences I am unsure what its real strengths are. Do you have a VS page with LiveChat Tickets VS HelpDesk? Does it offer chat also or would the two inegrate?

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Hi @jason.wolfram! According to your first question - could you please tell me what exactly do you mean by that: you can’t copy-paste the info from the tickets list or a particular ticket?

Hi jason.wolfram!
I’m Aneta from the HelpDesk team. I’m happy to hear that you’d like to learn more about our ticketing system.

HelpDesk looks similar to LiveChat tickets, but it has additional features designed for email management. For example, we added multiple mailboxes, automated rules, customizable email address, new statuses (“On hold” and “Closed”), reports, and custom ticket views. Also, there’s no template added to your ticket responses

Would you like to get a full HelpDesk demo? If so, let me know :slight_smile:

We’re working on the LiveChat-HelpDesk integration right now, and it will be available within the next few weeks. I’ll let you know as soon as it happens :slight_smile: We’ll also create a VS page along with this integration that will show you all the differences between the two.

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When you are viewing a ticket all the messages are in bubbles, in the ticket. All tickets. If you right click the menu appears with Cut, Copy and Paste but they are all grayed out, not that it would help because you can not select the text either, I have tried double clicking a word or selecting by dragging but nothing works. This is in the desktop app version. In the website version you can not select text at all but if you right click and copy you get the entire message bubble content so you can then paste that into notepad and delete all the extra stuff so you get just what you need. This also seems more burdensome then it needs to be but at least you can get it done.

I just found a secret, the name and date above each bubble is select-able, and if I drag from outside that area past the entire bubble even though nothing highlights or looks selected I can copy it. When your trying to just get an email address or something like that it is still not easy.

I look forward to seeing that VS page. I did sign up and poke around a little. I am very slammed and only have small bits of time so I am afraid I might miss important things which is why something like the VS page really helps me. I have not had my coffee yet so I am sorry but what do you mean a template is not applied to responses?
Would you ever allow custom status creation? Much like On Hold but for specific things like “Custom Work”?

I understand – so here’s a little sneak peek of our VS page :slight_smile:

This table shows you the most important differences between LiveChat tickets and HelpDesk. However, it’s not the end! We have a full-time team working on new features.

About the templates: I meant that HelpDesk doesn’t have a default graphic email template for the emails you send out. It’s a plain text message, and you can add your own signature.

We have a way to create your own “folders” in HelpDesk. You can add a tag called “Custom Work”, and then create a “View” based on this tag. You will be able to access it in the left navigation bar (below “Statuses”). Would that work for you? :slight_smile:

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That all sounds good, I look forward to seeing more.

I think we could do that.

Thank you very much.

If there is a list to notify when that integration is done or new features are out I would be happy if you could put me on it, please.

Do you have estimated ETAs for those items under development?

One request I would ask about is the ability to duplicate a ticket. I know that sounds weird but let me tell you the scenario. So sometimes we get a customer send a ticket but it is about two or three things, like changing an account address
and a custom design job. This needs to go to two different Agents and so what we have wanted to do is clone the ticket, removing a little info from each and assigning them to the two agents. Currently we have to re-type all the text into a new ticket, download
all the attachments and re-attach them to the new ticket. It is not a Big deal but it sure would be nice.

Thank you for your time.


All the features from the table are already available in HelpDesk:) The integration should be ready within ~2 weeks.

Sure, you can send your email address to, and I’ll let you know as soon as we have the integration up and running.

Thanks for sharing the use case for duplicating a ticket, it sounds it would make your work a lot easier. I’ll discuss your idea with our team:)