Relation of 'chatting time' to 'chat duration', is there one?

I’ve been tasked with using the API for live reporting purposes and they’re wanting average chat duration. Since there doesn’t seem to be an API for that it appeared that chatting time might give the data I needed. There appears to be the vaguest relation to the two measurements though. for a specific agent for a specific day, the chat duration is 13 min 15 sec while the chatting time returns 4.96 (supposedly hours according to the documentation). Reversing the chat duration to total chat time is 5.3 hours. What am I missing please?

Hello @fshadwick ,

Let me explain how both endpoints are calculated and where the discrepancy may come from :slight_smile:

  1. reports/chats/duration returns the average chat duration. This data will always refer to the chat as a whole even if multiple agents were part of the chat. When you filter this endpoint by a single agent the data returned will still refer to the whole chat, not just the duration this particular agent participated in it.

  2. reports/chats/chatting_time returns how much time in a day was spent with active chats. The response won’t get over 60 minutes in an hour even if there were multiple concurrent chats active for a specific agent.

As you can see both endpoints are quite different and while it is possible in theory to have those two match, it is quite rare. Single agent can have multiple concurrent active chats thus his chats duration combined will be longer than chatting time itself.

I hope this shed some light, but if you have any additional questions I’ll be happy to answer those :slight_smile:

As a note we are also planning on updating our reports API to version 3 so if those reports do not work in your particular use-case please share it here and I will pass the feedback to our developers.

Thanks for the info. I didn’t realize there was a duration endpoint, it’s not in the documentation I have. It works great, exactly what I needed.

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