React Native application setup using react-native-livechat

I am trying to follow the instructions given at the following link for setup:

On our web site, when I select the LiveChat button, a registration screen appears. However, when I select the button in my app, it goes immediately to the Chat with us screen. If I enter a message and send it, I must define the onSend() function to catch the message.

Is there an easy way to get to my company’s registration screen with the react-native-livechat package?

Hello :wave:
Unfortunately, the surveys are currently not supported in the react package, so there’s no easy way to achieve it. :slightly_frowning_face:

But if you’d still like to do it, you would need to implement the pre-chat survey on your own, by using our Customer Chat API -> it will require some amount of custom development though.

Of course, we’re trying to update this library to include those surveys, but I can’t give you any solid ETA yet.

Thanks, that makes sense. Right now I’m looking adding a help button to the app and then calling WebView with the proper link to handle the help event. Should only be a few lines of code.