Question regarding Chat Settings

Hello all, this chat function is new for me, and overall things seem to be going well. I do have a question, however, as I have been unable to find the answer thus far.

Is there a way to update the settings so that if I am responding to a potential customer, they can “see” that I am typing a reply? Twice now, I’ve been in the middle of a reply when the potential customer logged off. If they knew I was in the middle of a reply, they may not have logged off so quickly.

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Hi @Marie_Clemens !

The chat window will show the visitor that you are typing something. It just doesn’t show what you are typing (like the preview the agents get), but shows the three dots with a pencil to show you are writing something (similar to iMessage). You can see a bit more on this feature here :Chat Window - Start Chatting With Customers | LiveChat Help Center

I’ve found that people tend to leave chat even if you are typing sometimes, as it is very easy for them to just close the chat and go. For whatever reason, it’s easier for them to just close the chat even when you’re still chatting, but they wouldn’t do the same and hang up on you in the middle of a phone conversation.

If you have their email address, you can always follow up with them after they’ve left the chat via ticket.


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Thank you for your help answering this! :slight_smile: