[Question from LiveChat team] Which apps do you need?

Hi guys!

We’re making plans for 2020 now and we want to add to our Marketplace apps and integrations that really meet your needs.

Which application and why would make your work with LiveChat easier?

Also, do you use any of the following tools? How do you use them?

  • Amazon Lex
  • Apple Business Chat
  • Slack
  • Typeform
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Hi :wave:

  1. Status pages - Display platform status inside LC Window.
    Helpful when there is a downtime :blush:

  2. Typeform

  3. Stripe - Accept payment / Manage subscription from agent interface

  4. Aircall

Hope will be helpful


Hi Roy, thanks for your feedback. It’ll be more than helpful! If anything else comes to your mind later, feel free to add it :slight_smile:

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+1 Wall board platforms like:
https://www.plecto.com or https://www.geckoboard.com/

What about: What’s app; Telegram; Twitter integration ?

I mentioned it before, and I believe it can’t happen, but a Google My Business integration would be great. I’d love to have mobile text messages go to LiveChat and Chatbot if ever possible. The GMB app is not great, especially when managing multiple locations - it’s super easy to miss a message as their notifications blend in to other notifications.

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You mean - answering Google Reviews directly from LC?

No, mobile text messages. In your GMB profile, you can enable mobile messaging… basically people can text message you from your GMB profile. The current way of managing it, is through the Google My Business app. Would be nice to be able to use all the canned responses as well as get the message sent to a LiveChat agent, instead of having to manage responses through a separate device or program.

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That would be nice but messaging API not available yet (From the Google side).

Messaging API (currently in closed beta)

Hello :wave:

Mostly expected for us is integration with Apple Business Chat and Whatsapp


Would live to see LiveChat integrated with Slack. We use Slack to facilitate communication with our staff and this would mean I would only have to monitor one texting service. Also, Slack is integrated with my Apple Watch, so if LiveChat could come through Slack I would have more ways to respond while on the go.

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Hi @jcostley :wave:

I’m just letting you know that Slack integration is now available at our marketplace!

Check it out! We have two applications available, the basic one:

and the more advanced version:

Hope it will come in handy!

Twilio for whatsapp integration would be great. We can use it to send outbound whatsapp message. Inbound message will get sent to Livechat making it true omnichannel solution.

The current third party whatsapp solution is inbound related only. If we could have twilio whatsapp integrated like the Twilio SMS would be great.

Wechat, WhatsApp are 2 of the biggest social messaging app with more than 1.5billion users. Please integrate both as top priority as many many users are using these chat solutions instead of webchat now.

Also please see the true omnichannel widget. Please have this as top priority in 2020. User can choose to chat via the widget or click social messaging button to chat with their preferred app, be it whatsapp, wechat, viber, line etc.

Thanks for reaching out!
These are really great ideas, we will definitely pass them to our Integrations team for consideration. :raised_hands:

Twilio for WhatsApp please. It should be a priority more than the SMS. Nobody uses SMS and 99% use whatsapp now… please have it integrated !

Hi Edmond!

We already have integration with WhatsApp → OAPPS for WhatsApp Live Chat | LiveChat Integrations

Hi, Is it possible to have an app
that can integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM? What is CRM? | Microsoft Dynamics 365
We have had users in our organization that uses LiveChat asking if LiveChat can work this CRM D365.

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This integration is not complete. We prefer WhatsApp business api where we can send outbound message

Dynamics CRM is essential. Livechat should integrate Microsoft teams and dynamics CRM

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Hello, good news to you! :smiley:

Check out this fresh integration between LiveChat and Microsoft Dynamics:

This integration connects LiveChat with Microsoft Dynamics contact base, mapping customers by email. The most important contact info is displayed in the Details section of the Agent Application.

Hope it helps!

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Hi Roy, StatusPage App is on the Marketplace and ready to be used.

Please let us know if you have any questions or feedback.

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