Push Notifications

Hello, we have our own customer app which we have live chat in it.

is there away we can have it to a push notification happens each time an agent sends a message

Hello, @caleb.donald,

We do not have the built-in push notification system implemented. However, what you can do is to use our Configuration API (webhook to be more specific -> https://developers.livechatinc.com/docs/management/configuration-api/#webhooks) to do something like that:

  1. Register webhook that will inform you (by sending the info to your system) that there’s a new chat -> incoming_chat_thread to be exact;
  2. Register another webhook that will inform you about each new message sent in chat -> incoming_event webhook;
  3. Filter out the payload that will be delivered to your system, to react only on messages sent by agents;
  4. Send the information to your system and then send the push notification.

However, the part responsible for receiving the payload -> filtering it -> triggering out the push notification would need to be handled at your side, as we do not offer such services out of the box.

Just in case, here’s also a link that will let you know how to register webhooks at LiveChat: https://developers.livechatinc.com/docs/management/configuration-api/#register-webhook

hope it helps!