Pricing structure


Feedback on your pricing structure. I find it very confusing as all across your documentation you have “seats” which can be purchased for concurrent livechats which is what we need but then in the subscription page there are only individual agent licences?! There is also no information anywhere about admin and owner licences and if they are needed?

If we only have 2 agents handling chats at any one time but they are a team of 20 agents that will swap and change who is working chat then do we need 20 licences? plus 2 more for the admin and owner? thats a huge increase in cost for zero benefit

Hello @Damian_Clarkson,

Indeed, some time ago we changed the subscription model from seats to agents. We kept some of our documentation for them to use, but new accounts are being created in a Pay Per Agent mode.

Sorry for the inconvenience.