Posting/editing multiple canned responses through API

Hi There,

I’m trying to make a simple script to post/update the canned responses in the chat app. I have to update around 20-25 responses every week, that is why this would be important.

Did anyone create a script for that before?

Could someone give me an example, please?

Hello @balint :wave:

I’m afraid that we do not have the ready-made example that we could send you but if you would like to develop the application that would update canned responses, we could definitely provide you with the following link:

-> this is a ink to a documentation that describes an API method allowing you to update canned responses

You will also need to authorize this method with the use of our OAuth service. If this will be the application that you will run locally for example, you can create a Personal Access Token -> assign specific scopes to this token ( canned_responses_read and canned_responses_write should be sufficient enough). Here’s the link to the documentation that will tell you more about PATs :

Hope it helps!