Post Chat Survey Questions

What questions do you ask in the post chat survey and how do you use that information?

We ask:
Will you be choosing Valley Driving School for your training needs?

Followed by:
What contributed to your decision?

We review the results weekly. We share the information with the Operations department when we see trends. For example if we have a price increase and notice people filling out the survey then say they aren’t going to choose us because we are too expensive, we may want to review the increase. It allows us to react quickly, and hopefully before we lose potential sales.

Just wondering if there are any other useful questions to ask and how everyone utilizes this information to it’s fullest…


Great question. We actually need to go through and refresh our questions.

Our main focus is first-contact resolution, so our first question is “Were we able to address all of you concerns today” We also provide the thumbs-up and thumbs-down for the agent. Our agents are incentivized on thumbs-ups. We currently ask if they find the web-chat feature useful, this was a left-over from our early chat days, and mostly is still answered with yes.