Possible to combine back-end application with agent app widget?

Hi folks,

As mentioned elsewhere, I’m building a back-end application that also deploys an agent-facing widget for capturing settings/configuration.

The settings widget loads fine when the App Authorization is set to Web app; but then the attempt to get the access code fails.

When I change to Back-end application, my redirect URI works fine but then the app agent widget does not load.

My question then, is it possible to combine an agent-app widget (a page to capture settings in this case) with a pure back-end integration?

What do I need to change here?



Can you share the error you have?

Sure thing.

Scenario 1:
Client Type: Server-Side

Scenario 2:
Client Type: Web app

Pretty sure there’s an error in my configuration. Would appreciate it if you could help me pinpoint what I’ve done wrong here.


As for Scenario 1. Can you list the URL you use for receiving access_token? Additionally, what is the URL to your app’s settings?

Sure thing,

I’m hiding the domain names.

Do you have both URLs on the list of redirect_urls on the Dev Platform?

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Nope - I’ve only had domain-one in my redirect URI’s. I’ve added domain-two as well and now the app is working as expected.

Thank you for your assistance @a.fedyk1

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