Please share your feedback on archives redesign

Hi there!
I am thrilled to share with you a little sneak peek of the new part of the App redesign: this time it will be the Archives section! :slight_smile:

Some of the pros of incoming change are:

  • similar design with the well known Chats section, with nice and wide chat history view,
  • clear and essential view of chat details in the right column,
  • possibility to sort chats from the oldest to the newest,
  • responsive view, which will allow checking archives on the mobile devices,
  • possibility to easily jump between chats from the same customer in just a few seconds,
  • preview of rich messages sent during the chat (for ChatBot users!)

Check how it will look like on the screenshot below:

…or even on your own account, by entering this page address: LiveChat – live chat and help desk for websites (of course this is still work in progress, so only few filters are now available, and there is no chat details visible yet).

Tell us what do you like (and what not!) in this view. <3


Love the new look! I like how the chat details on the far right will be accessible now!

Checking archives on mobile devices will also be a HUGE bonus for me. I often like to log in on my phone from home and it is not the easiest process currently.

PS - Don’t eat the yellow snow! (You guys are hilarious!) :rofl:


I really like the new look! And the more features that get added to mobile the better! We’re big users of phones and tablets here, so that will be really nice.

And, I love how The Office staff frequent your LiveChat… :laughing::laughing:


I really like the “OR” function, next thing to consider would be great to be “AND” function, so you can search for more than one tag at a time (i.e. sales and positivefeedback )


We are almost there! The release of a new, redesigned archives section is planned for next week! :star_struck:

You can take a sneak peek on the new archives on :tada:


I just wanted to let you know that brand new Archives are here: Brand New Archives Are Here! | LiveChat Updates


Please revert back, this new UI is a downgrade from what we had before and it’s terrible, or at minimum provide a “Legacy” setting to disable this new version.

Hi there!
Can you please exactly point out which functionalities are not available in the new design and were available in the old one? We were very meticulous in that matter. Some features are in different places; maybe I could guide you in where you can find them now?

I’m afraid that we won’t go back to the previous look, that version of the design was holding us back in adding new features and even make it possible to display archives in the mobile view. Of course, we would like to make the current look the most user-friendly, so any feedback is relevant!


One observation - we copy and paste chat transcripts into our ticket tool at the end of a chat. Previously we used to select text in the chat and copy and paste - it was never ideal but worked. Since the re-design we are now seeing that the initials appearing next to each chat for the chatters name are also copied, so our chat transcripts are filled with random letters Chat

Can you consider adding an option to the ellipsis menu for a plain text chat transcript copy or some sort of ‘copy to clipboard’ button which excludes these? This would be ideal for people like ourselves who need to copy the chat transcript into a ticket tool or other external tool. Again to be clear this was never ideal before the re-design but is now causing us to change a business process - our agents are having to switch back to the “old” design just to copy the chat transcript and then switch back again because they are used to the newer chat interface which also gets turned off when switching back to the old archives… We have had to make a change to business process due to this which is not idea.


Hi Dan!
I will discuss that issue with our UX and devs team, both possibilities make sense for me (ignoring the customer icon while copying and adjust separators better, or the button “copy to clipboard” in chat menu). I will let you know about the outcome.

Trying to solve the issue with some current existing options - did you try to pass those transcripts by using one of our available apps in the Marketplace? Maybe there already exists an integration with the software you are using. :slight_smile:

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Hi Malgorzata - thank you either option just so that there’s an easy way to copy out chat transcripts ignoring the customer icon (and if possible maintaining formatting/better separation as you say) would be brilliant. I suspect we are not alone and lots of people would find this useful. As it stands the re-design has broken this for us and made copied transcripts somewhat illegible due to the customer icon being included which esentially means lots of random letters appearing throughout the transcript.

Unfortunately passing transcripts right now is not an option for us as our internal tooling does not support either integrations via apps or API’s (hence why we copy and paste transcripts)… I think there will be other people in a similar situation who rely on coping and pasting transcripts into ticket systems locally.

Thanks for your help.

I generally like the new design, but I’ve found the filters aren’t always very responsive, specifically the date filter. Sometimes I’ve found, when I select “yesterday” as the date filter, it hasn’t registered that another day has passed, so it is displaying chats that actually happened 2 days ago. Once I log out of the program and log back in, it seems to reset itself, knowing what day it is and “yesterday” accurately reflects 1 day ago.

My only other suggestion is to have the comments that visitors leave, filter back up to the top of the completed chat. My team regularly reviews our chat surveys and comments and we have to scroll all the way to the bottom of the chats to read either now. Not the end of the world, but it can be a lot of scrolling if you have many chats that provide feedback or complete the survey.

I love that Chatbot conversations now accurately show the entire conversations (including rich messages)in the archives! Now all my agents can see the convos the bot had, and the responses it provided instead of just a generic “Bot sent a rich message”.


Hi Melissa!
We will investigate the issue with filter, I will contact you if we will need any additional information in that matter.

If we are speaking about comments visitors leave after the chat, are we speaking about the post-chat survey summary?

If yes, then there is no need to scroll the whole chat to make it visible - this post-chat data appears in the Details on the right, and in a near future it will be possible to reorganize that Details in a similar way as you can make it now on /chats or /customers list. :slight_smile:


Both filter to the bottom. This was always the case with the Post chat survey and the comments within it, but now the visitor comments about the chat itself are at the bottom as well (they used to be at the top of the archive in green -for good… or red -for bad).

There will be a possibility to adjust the Details tiles order. Will this solve the issue if you will be able to reorganize Details and move the “Chat info” with the customer’s comment and the “Post-chat survey” box to the top?

I’ve marked that Details parts on the screen below:

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Yes, that would be a nice work around!


I Think tag’s need to show in Conversation section.
Here =)

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Hi Roy!
During the user tests we’ve run that kind of idea showed up once, we’ve kinda skipped it during the process as we assumed that filters might solve that use case.
How about we will prepare a prototype and will discuss it here, what do you think?


It will be good. but Filters will not solve this problem.